About Us

Jan Mullen
Internationally renowned author, teacher, fabric designer and textile artist, Jan led the first extensive and very successful Helping Handz Project and also the second Salvage/Selvedge Project.

Helping Handz
Helping Handz is a community group run through Jan Mullen’s North Fremantle studio.  Using donated fabrics and labour, we aimed to make a difference to an underfunded community. We started this project, Salvage/Selvedge, with sixty-six local volunteers.  Participants, including a variety of beginning and experienced stitchers, were asked to respond to the challenge of producing works beyond their comfort zone.

Margaret Doody Project
The Margaret Doody MS Respite House refurbishment was the first major Helping Handz project.  From a small start…

  1. We produced 36 beautiful, functional quilts from donated goods with variations of one quilt design.  The group’s skills were then harnessed and extended with a variety of textile projects for Margaret Doody House.
  2. The project engendered a strong spirit of community – amongst ourselves, our extended community, and the Margaret Doody community.
  3. There was a marked growth in the group’s quilting/textile skills and a big leap in confidence.
  4. This project was very successful financially – a very worthy use of our time that gave back much more than we put in.

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