Money We Raise

Diane Roberts
Funds raised by Salvage/Selvedge totalled $55,000.  The money was passed on to Di Roberts to spend on behalf of the committee. Perth based Di raises funds in Australia and spends them in Ethiopia on specific needs of the School of St Yared.

Di purchased a brand new school bus.  This will meet the School’s need for another bus due to a growth in student numbers.

Di also purchased an introductory iPad package for teachers to use iPads in their teaching and learning programs.  The introductory package includes the purchase of a small number of iPads and teacher professional development to support the inclusion of iPads in small group learning. This initial purchase was a great success.

Money was also kept aside for future needs.
Late in 2015 Di again visited St Yared’s and spent the last of our funds on much needed items;

sports uniforms for kindy kids
bus repairs
payment for guards at new compound
benches and chairs for dining area
basketball uniform
basketball shoes
basketball trophies
medical equipment
cook’s pantry
nurses cabinet
uniforms for cooks and cleaners
sanitary pads
metal, cement, sand, gravel, roofing for shelter
table tennis (this final item on the list was a special treat:)

The Ethiopian Fund
Di runs The Ethiopian Fund formally known as The Mother Theresa Aids Orphanage.  Supported by the Inner Wheel (the women’s arm of the Rotary Club) Di is the recipient of both a Paul Harris Fellowship, and the Marguerite Golding Award.

The School of St. Yared
The School of St. Yared, for extremely needy children in Ethiopia, was founded in 2009 by Hope for Children Australia.  Run by another Perth woman, Jacqui Gilmour, the school gives children a solid education, a safe and loving home, and a future instead of a ‘reprieve’.

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