Other Ways You Can Help

Fundraising for Expenses
Money raised from the 2014 exhibition sales has gone directly to Di Roberts to distribute as needed to St Yared’s School in Ethiopia.

Salvage/Selvedge was completely self-funded during the life of the project via fundraising events like Stash-to-Cash, Cash Donations and Quilt Raffles.

Our first fabric sale was a great fundraising success.  We had happy sellers and grinning buyers walking out with arms full of absolute bargains.

Cash Donations
We happily accepted cash donations.

Quilt Raffles
The first
Fundraising Raffle Quilt quilt was made by a group of stitchers, in Jan Mullen’s QAYG Strippy design using Kaffe Fasset’s beautiful woven horizontal stripes.  Raffle #1 winner is Lorraine Cannestrini.  Big congratulations from us all.

The second Fundraising Raffle Quilt, Matrix, was made by Vicki Passmore and Jill Lee, in Jan Mullen’s Log Cabin design using brightly coloured corduroys.  Raffle #2 winner was Nettie Clarke.  The quilt measures 66″ x  70″.

The third Fundraising Raffle Quilt, Just in View, was made by Claire Turpin, in Jan Mullen’s Horizontal Strippy design. This raffle ran for the duration of the Exhibition.  Raffle #3 winner was Veronica McLoughlin. Congratulations.

See raffle quilt photos here.