Your Place in the Project

An open invitation was extended and the community who were asked to contribute to the Salvage/Selvedge Project… whatever the level of experience.

Inexperienced quilters gained important skills in the introductory sessions plus technical and moral support as needed.

Experienced quilters were invited to ‘push’ the design further after design consultation.  They chose to work…

  • solo
  • in a friendship group
  • with one of the studio groups, or
  • quilt finishing groups

Non-quilters became ironesses, cutting dervishes, runners & revivers at any session.

To work at home effectively, we all needed to bear in mind we were ‘making for an exhibition’.  Works needed to show technical and design expertise and excellence.

Quilts needed to be functional and they needed to be saleable!

When volunteers decided where they fitted it was essential to consult with Jan.


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